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Movable Walls, Sliding Folding Partitions

The effective division of space sometimes requires utmost flexibility. Whether the requirement is to divide a teaching area, temporarily partition a conference suite, or simply create extra rooms out of one large space, the answer is – movable walls.

Movable walls, operable walls, sliding folding partitions - this group of products is synonymous with one name; Dividers.

Dividers is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of movable wall systems.

Dividers provides unrivalled experience in the design and manufacture of space utilisation products.

MP’s Visit On Tuesday 2nd August 2011, Nia Griffith
the Member of Parliament for Llanelli visited the
manufacturing facilities .....more


Alongside Dividers sliding folding partitions family of products also include, Sesam hinged partitions and concertina partitions, along with a range of glass movable walls.

This comprehensive range of movable wall and doorsystems are manufactured from it's plant based in the UK.

Whether your essential requirement is sound attenuation, ease of operation, or aesthetics, there is a solution in the Dividers movable wall product range.

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